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2020 – it’s all about colour!

2020 – it’s all about colour!

Today sees the start of both a new year and a new decade, and colour!

Yes, you read it right – colour is back! Long gone are the neutral years, where everything was a shade of beige or a hint of white! And whilst the likes of ‘fifty shades of grey’ are still and always will be available, colour is coming into its own.

Obviously more muted finishes will always have a captive audience. Culebra Peak White’ remains one of our most popular wall panels.

It provides the perfect backdrop from which to accessorise, whether teamed with pale aqua or duck egg tones, or indeed virtually any other finish.

In much the same way, ‘Rocky Mountain Grey’ creates a wallcovering that can be used with any accent colour. Very much still on-trend, this exciting mix of subtle greys and browns blends seamlessly with vibrant yellow to create a trendy, yet timeless combination.

Earlier in 2019 saw the launch of TimberStik, our easiest to apply wooden wallcovering, supplied as panels with pre-applied adhesive strips. This range comprises six finishes including ‘Graphite’, which like its counterpart ‘Rocky Mountain Grey’ looks fabulous with hot yellow or another equally bright colour.

Harlequin’, which features a combination of colours is also from our TimberStik range. Definitely different for us, this multi-colour option was a ‘dip your toe in the water’ offering, surpassing our expectations as to its popularity!

Whilst offering warmth, not everyone wants a wallcovering as ‘different’ as ‘Harlequin’ is! A finish such as ‘Piz Bernina Pine’ is sure to create a cozy interior, whatever the size of the room.

Its characteristic woodgrain features rich oak tones, ideal for an inviting lounge or classic Shaker kitchen, with contrasting oak worktops.

But, as 2020 is all about colour, so too is our newest collection ‘Kaleidscope’.

Offered in a total of 29 new finishes, ‘Kaleidscope’ has been divided into three distinct sub-ranges.

‘Brights’ is an alluring collection of 10 intensely rich shades, whilst the ‘Neutrals’ offer nine subtle, yet elegant wall panel finishes to choose from. A further 10 finishes are available from the ‘Woods’ range, with aptly named panels including ‘Burnt Acorn’ and ‘Vintage Parchment’.

Due to be imminently launched, be sure to check out ‘Kaleidscope’ to see the 29 finishes for yourself and join us as we celebrate everything colour!
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