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9 ideas for your kitchen wall decoration

9 ideas for your kitchen wall decoration

Whilst your kitchen is probably one of the most used rooms in your home, the décor of it is likely to have been overlooked.

You may think that great kitchen design simply constitutes plenty of storage along with modern appliances, plus ample worksurfaces and both functional and ambient lighting.

However for a truly finished kitchen design, it’s all about the details. Not just the designer make of toaster, kettle or food mixer either – it’s how the overall cohesion of the interior space works that make a great kitchen look really special.

Where wall cabinets are fitted, the available wall space is often minimal and so how it’s decorated is paramount.

  1. Use chalkboard paint

A wall painted with chalkboard paint can be used as the weekly calendar in a busy household, or as the place to detail the weekly shopping list. Alternatively it could become a more permanent feature mural, where every member of the family has a dedicated area to doodle their own artwork.

  1. Make art from cutlery

Vintage cutlery or wooden spoons can make quirky artworks when arranged in a creative way. Equally, oversized knives, forks and spoons can look especially effective on a narrow wall space.

  1. Display objects and treasured findings

If you love scouring flea markets or vintage shops, then an eclectic display is likely to appeal. Monograms, ampersands and even vintage kitchen utensils look great when arranged together, in and amongst framed pictures of family photos.

  1. Consider a vinyl decal

If you have a favourite book, why not pick a sentimental page and either get it digitally put onto wallpaper or cut out of vinyl? Alternatively, the likes of etsy has a great selection of large scale prints.

  1. Use wooden wall panelling

Ideal if your wall is slightly imperfect, wall panels from companies such as PLAANK will transform a kitchen wall in a relatively short space of time. Being made of wood, they offer insulating qualities too. So whether your kitchen wall is always cold or is adjacent to next door and sound travels, wood panelling might be the ideal solution. Plus, wall panelling gives you a feature canvas on which to personalise. Being made of wood, when you’re ready to hang pictures or decorative items, it’s a material that’s easy to drill or knock nails into, so there’s no danger of damaging the surface.

  1. Showcase a piece of art

Art can transform a room in any home, but displaying art in a kitchen is not common place… Rather than choosing a painting, a relief or some sort of dimensional art is sure to become a talking point!

  1. Emulate bistro style

Simple yet effective, a roll of brown paper can be a quick and easy point for everyone to scribble down their schedule… and when the week is over, simply tear away the used piece and start afresh…

  1. Display a feature word or phrase

Retro interior style is currently on trend, and neon lighting has seen a revival. Whether it’s a word or an icon, it’s a sure way to add a bit of personality into your kitchen.

  1. Add decorative tiling

Like wooden, wall panelling, ceramic tiles will give you a basis on which to add further decorative elements too. However, unlike wood panelling, ceramic tiles when drilled are in danger of crazing or even chipping and breaking, not what you want to happen when you’ve taken the time to fit them.

With the bank holiday weekend just around the corner, now is the perfect opportunity to get creative and give your kitchen the feature wall it deserves.


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