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Achieve impressive interiors with 3D wall panelling

Achieve impressive interiors with 3D wall panelling

Wall panelling, and in particular wooden wall panelling will always look impressive in any interior space. Its tactile allure and range of surface and colour finishes will create an interior space that’s as individual as you are.

But sometimes, especially in a commercial space, foyer of a building or indeed any house that requires an impressive interior, choosing a finish that has a different and striking surface may be the solution.

At PLAANK our 3D range is sure to turn heads! Offered in a choice of six stunning combinations, each has a unique charm.


Truly distinct in appearance, each Daim plank is made from a number of curved sections of timber. Each semi-circular piece is juxtaposed to the next, but rotated to create a ‘chequer board’ effect.

These soft curves and warm wood finish will turn any wall into a talking point.


Manufactured from sustainable Golden Antique Pine, each segment of wood that makes up the Wenner surface is uniformly finished to a smooth texture, whilst retaining the somewhat mismatched appearance.


This finish is one of the most compelling 3D wall panels that PLAANK offers.

The cascading stepped appearance is fascinating, making it an ideal choice for a commercial interior or catering establishment – after all, what could be better than being remembered not only for your exceptional food but your interior too?


Much like Wenner, Grohe uses adjacent Golden Antique Pine segments, but whereas the surface of Wenner has been sanded back to appear uniform, the irregularities of the Grohe timber sections add to the structure and multi layered appearance.


This finish really does allow you to customize your wall! The structured gaps in each panel expose the wall’s surface, which can be painted prior to installation in any colour you wish.


Created using a mixture of different wood finishes, Relero, like Wenner is uniformly sanded back to offer a smoother wall surface texture.

As well as being highly decorative, each 3D panel is completely sustainable too! Sourced from Eastern Europe, each plank is hand picked from the most ecological and environmentally friendly sources.

So whether you’re looking to update your home, hotel, restaurant, bar or indeed any commercial premises, get noticed with 3D wall panelling from PLAANK.

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