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Achieve stylish interior looks with textures…

Achieve stylish interior looks with textures…

All too often, texture in interiors is an afterthought… It’s the one thing that can transform an interior, from being pleasing to look at to being a stunning and enviable space.

In design terms, texture can be defined as ‘the sensations received by the external surface of objects through touch’. Literally put, it’s the way we are compelled to stroke the soft pile of a velvet or chenille fabric, or the sensations that our feet experience when squishing into a thick rug or carpet.

Use tactile floor and wall coverings

When choosing an interior scheme, the walls and especially the ceiling is overlooked. Whilst consideration is given to the floorcovering choice, the ceiling is pretty much always painted white. The same can’t be said for the walls. Whereas some are painted, the rise in popularity of decorative wallpapers has seen walls being transformed. However, these wall coverings needn’t stop at being two dimensional.

Wooden wall coverings, such as those offered by PLAANK add immense textural interest in an interior space to complement the overall scheme.

Shabby Chic style

Subtle ‘Culebra Peak White’ from our Reclaimed range was used as the perfect backdrop in this open plan living space, where rich leather and tactile cow hide chairs are offset by a limestone floor and shabby chic sideboard.

The overall feel is one of eclectic, where a medley of textures have come together in harmony.

Inspired by Skandi...

From the same range, but with an air of Skandi style, ‘Rocky Mountain Grey’ co-ordinates beautifully with the luxurious footstools, coir flooring and sophisticated ‘French’ inspired sofas.

To add extra charm, the wooden panels have been predominantly fitted vertically in the room, apart from in the recess, where the orientation becomes horizontal. This leads the eye to the alcove area and makes the overall scheme feel cozy.

Create a statement

Daim’, one of our most eye-catching wooden panels features a series of semi-circles, juxtaposed in rotation to create an iconic chequerboard effect.

This wall covering is sure to make a feature in any interior space, and looks sensational when teamed with simply styled or statement furniture and furnishings.

Add a room divide

Where a room has lots of textures competing with each other, less is often more!

Choosing to create a bedhead panel in ‘Piz Bernina Pine’ adds warmth and charm in an open plan warehousing living space, but also acts as a natural divide to separate the functional area from the bedroom.

Alternative ideas

Lastly, wooden wall panelling doesn’t have to be saved for the walls alone. Not only does it provide a fantastic alternative to paint on a ceiling, but it can be used to clad furniture too!

Decorative and functional occasional furniture, predominantly used for storing wood kindling has been ‘framed’ in ‘Culebra Peak White’ to create a visual divide between the walls and the units.

From traditional or ecclectic to Skandi or shabby chic, whatever your interior style, achieve successful interior designs with PLAANK wall coverings.

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