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Acupanel – the revolutionary way to soundproof your walls…

Acupanel – the revolutionary way to soundproof your walls…

Staying in has quickly become the new way of life for so many of us…

Adapting to a very different lifestyle from only a month ago is sure to have created some disruption, but it’s a small price to pay for everyone’s health and safety!

Whether you’re juggling home schooling in between trying to concentrate on your own works’ priorities, lending a hand and supporting the more vulnerable or volunteering in whatever capacity you can, we are all trying to adjust in these unprecedented times.

One thing that you’ve probably come to notice whilst working from home over the last couple of weeks is noise pollution.

It can be extremely irritating, regardless of what type of noise it is!

Unnecessary levels of loud music or talking can be annoying, but even hearing your neighbours simply going about their everyday business can start to grate, especially if it’s through adjacent walls!

Even with less transport around, if you live on a busy road or close to a trainline, the noise can become a repetitive infuriation.

Whilst double or triple glazing your windows will help, the sound will still travel through the walls.

Ideal for anyone where external noise is an issue, or where transmitting sound levels could be a problem for others is Acupanel wall panelling, one of the latest additions to the PLAANK portfolio.

It offers superior sound absorption, thanks to its acoustic properties, and is suitable for domestic and commercial premises.

As well as being suitable to block out sound transferring between walls and floors, Acupanel can be easily applied to ceilings too, making it the ideal sound barrier between flats.

Not only does it have some amazing properties, but its looks are unrivalled too!

Let your imagination run wild and create wall art simply and quickly with Acupanel...

Currently offered in three finishes, with many further finishes available from our sister company The Wood Veneer Hub, each panel is manufactured from a series of Lamella strips, backed with a felt like material made from recycled plastic bottles.

So if you’re finding it hard to work from home in these truly unprecedented times or simply have noisy neighbours, reduce the sound levels in your property the trendy way and choose stylish Acupanel.

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