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Are wooden wall panels suitable for a bathroom?

Are wooden wall panels suitable for a bathroom?

A bathroom is one room in your home that faces daily use and often by more than one person.

It should feel warm in the winter, yet cool in the summer. After all, there’s nothing nicer than feeling refreshed after an invigorating shower on a hot day, and likewise stepping out from a steaming bath into a cosy bathroom on a cold day.

A bathroom that is totally tiled can often feel cold, even on a warmer day. So whilst tiling might be a practical solution, a fully tiled bathroom can feel clinical and even appear to echo!

Wooden wall panelling is an ideal wallcovering in a bathroom or en-suite on any walls that do not come into direct contact with water, as long as the glue is suitable for both interior and exterior use, capable of dealing with the moisture and humidity changes that occur in the bathroom.

Whilst impervious to moisture, wooden wall panels would not be suitable as a direct replacement for tiling in a shower.

With the added benefit of their acoustic properties, wooden wall panelling would be a perfect complement to tiling.

Including wooden panelling, either on a wall or the ceiling is a way of introducing a tactile surface, which will help to avoid the bathroom feeling stark.

With the many finishes of PLAANK products available, you can introduce an element of decoration into your bathroom.

If colour is your thing, PLAANK has coloured panels, either in one finish from their Colour series, or as a mix of distressed, complementary tones of aquas and blues, offered in their new Bijou Creek Blue finish.

As well as sometimes feeling cold, bathrooms can often feel more masculine. If you prefer a more feminine feel to your bathrooms’ interior, the softer tones of Culebra Peak White would work. Featuring a neutral palette of whites, beiges and greys, your bathroom could be transformed into a pretty interior with this wall panelling.

Why not take time out when you’re next in your bathroom and ask yourself if your bathroom does indeed feel cold? Simple to install, PLAANK wall panelling will transform your bathroom into the tranquil haven that you’ve been dreaming of…

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