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Austria, Italy and Switzerland and their legacy at PLAANK…

Austria, Italy and Switzerland and their legacy at PLAANK…

Even though Austria and Italy failed to qualify for the recent FIFA World Cup, their mountainous regions and lakes have certainly made an impact on us here at PLAANK.

Like all our ranges, the Design Series uses sustainable wood. Being environmentally friendly, the wooden wall panels offered in the Design Series are manufactured in the heart of the Alps. Each of the five finishes is named after an area in either Austria, Italy or Switzerland.

Breithorn Burnt

From light to darkest brown, the colour variations between panels are achieved due to the smoking process. The reaction between the sap and the heartwood brings out the richness of the wood to offer a distinctive smoked oak finish. The Breithorn mountain is a popular summit to climb, located in the Salzburg region of Austria.

Ortler Oak

Located at the very top of Italy, next to Austria, the Ortler mountainous range includes the highest mountain in the Eastern Alps.

A timeless finish, Ortler Oak has all the charm of an Oak grain and is offered in a classic honey tone, perfect for every interior. 

Monte Viso Grey

With a rustic feature grain, Monte Viso Grey is the perfect blend of where contemporary meets vintage. Adding both class and sophistication to any interior setting, it’s no surprise that the actual place is located at the top of Italy, close of the border of Southern France and Monaco. 

Säntis Split

The finish of Säntis Split has been influenced by the character of solid Oak beams, creating a feature out of the splits in the veneer. Each split is carefully filled with contrasting black to bring the wood back to life. Located in northeastern Switzerland, those who make it to the summit of Säntis can see six countries in clear weather conditions – Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, France, Italy and of course Switzerland itself.

Bregenz Bronze

Named after the capital of the Voralberg state in western Austria, Bregenz is located at the eastern end of Lake Constance, an immense body of freshwater. Its picturesque setting attracts both Austrians and tourists from further afield, whilst still being relatively undiscovered by the masses, just like the wood panelling itself. Each box of Bregenz Bronze is supplied in a random mix of four different lengths of plank and has been a consistently popular choice since its launch earlier in 2018.

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