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Choose continuity throughout your home to achieve designer style…

Choose continuity throughout your home to achieve designer style…

Whilst some people choose to decorate their homes from room to room in different styles and colour combinations, there’s certainly a stylish element to using a common theme or product throughout your home, such as wooden wall panelling.

In fact, this technique tends to be adopted by interior designers, especially if they have been tasked to make the over space seem larger or more cohesive.

It’s like new build showhomes. You may have noticed subtle touches such as the same wall colour or carpet throughout the property? This is intentional to make the overall feel within the new build seem much more spacious, and definitely more stylish!


Choosing shades from the same colour palette for each room will make a big difference. The visual repetition is both pleasing on the eye and unites the spaces together.

If you opt for popular complementary colours such as soft browns, slate grey, cream and neutrals, key items such as the bed or sofa will be much easier to source, as will the accessories.


Don’t be afraid to introduce pattern into your home. Geometric fabrics look great on window treatments or as accessories such as cushions.

Patterns such as a woodgrain offers more of a textural effect than an actual printed design.

Choose a wooden floor as the cohesive element throughout your home, or wooden wall panelling on feature walls and architectural details, such as fireplaces or alcoves.

Attention to detail

Subtle touches such as selecting wall and electrical sockets that are the same design, and keeping internal doors, architrave and skirting all in the same finish throughout your home will add to the cohesive feel.


Whilst ‘themes’ can change from room to room, it is important that there is some commonality. It may seem obvious but a dramatic chandelier is likely to look out of place in a home whose style lends itself to a more rustic feel.

Wooden wall panelling from PLAANK were the products that inspired the colour schemes and provided the foundations.

So, if you're looking to achieve designer style in your home, consider PLAANK and create unity throughout each room in your home.

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