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Clever ways with wall panelling…

Clever ways with wall panelling…

Definitely on trend, wooden wall panelling is ever increasing in popularity.

The vogue wallcovering choice of the 1970’s, original wood panelling was offered in a limited range of finishes such as teak, to tie in with the style and colours of the period.

Today, the choice of colours, and indeed finishes available is immense…

Reclaimed, which has a weathered, almost vintage appearance and 3D, which as its name suggests is a wall panel that offers a series of multi-faceted, intricately detailed pieces of wood joined together are just some of the PLAANK ranges.

When multiplied with a diverse selection of colours, including warm oaks and intense greys through to palest white wash, soft blue and even ‘Harlequin’, an aptly named, multi-coloured wall panelling of retro shades, there’s something to suit all interior spaces.

Whilst most people naturally ‘assume’ to install their panelling horizontally, there is also the option to fit it vertically.

Installed in this way and the ceiling height is sure to feel greater than it actually is, in much the same way as vertical stripes make a person look taller and indeed slimmer than they actually are!

Chestnut Brown TimberStik, fitted vertically behind the seating in this commercial dining area leads the eye to engage with the surrounding shelving and feature lighting, without distracting away from the seating area.

This delightfully intense shade is perfect for a restaurant or bar, enabling the establishment to feel sophisticated in daylight hours, whilst offering an intimate setting in the evening.

Likewise, with its distinct linear detail, Acupanel is a stylish wallcovering solution, especially for walls that need insulating.

Offered in three finishes, each panel is fitted with a felt like backing, designed to insulate against both heat loss or retention and sound.

Due to its distressed surface, our Reclaimed range has a diverse array of tonally co-ordinating shades. Rocky Mountain Grey and Red Rock Grey are not dissimilar to each other in appearance, featuring a mixture of browns and neutrals, but Red Rock Grey has almost red accents interspersed, making it a naturally warmer finish.

Whether you choose to fix your PLAANK wall panelling horizontally or vertically is of course totally up to you, but whichever way you do decided to install it, you can be sure of a fabulous wallcovering for many years to come!

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