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Colour psychology… the meaning of yellow

Colour psychology… the meaning of yellow

This Sunday sees the Autumn equinox, the day in our calendar when the daylight hours become shorter than the night.

It is believed that this change in daylight hours is a primary reason why the foliage on plants and especially trees turns their leaves to the wonderful Autumnal colours of yellows, russets and orange.

For the majority, the darker nights and shorter days simply signify that Winter isn’t too far away. The change in daylight hours can have a profound effect on those who suffer with seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and whilst most of us are not diversely affected, it would be fair to say that this change in both temperature and daylight hours can cause many of us to feel a bit melancholy…

The colour yellow signifies happiness and optimism, and it is believed to influence the left side of our brains, where deep thinking occurs. Putting a bright yellow object near you to help you to be more creative or even assist you in problem solving! And if you’re giving someone flowers to brighten up their day, choose yellow ones for maximum impact.

Being the brightest colour visible to the human eye, introducing yellow into your home may increase your overall energy levels and metabolism, especially when daylight hours are low.

At PLAANK we have many wood finishes, from palest Culebra Peak White to darkest Breithorn Burnt, along with many mid toned woods too. Piz Bernina Pine is a really warm, golden finish that is bound to lift your spirits when the darker nights are setting in.

It is for this reason that it is used as an accent colour in many bars and ‘fast food’ establishments, where there is a need to have a quick turnaround of customers.

The energy and ‘feel good factor’ from being surrounded with accents of yellow will encourage customers to return, but at the same time encourage them to vacate their table to make way for the next customer!

Rocky Mountain Grey was the perfect PLAANK colour to team with the bright beech furniture and wooden ceiling in this restaurant – a great example of mixing yellows and greys together. 

Yellow is also used on signage to alert people. Whether it’s a road sign or simply a means of drawing the eye, the colour yellow has some amazing effects on our general wellbeing.

The designer of this fast food establishment also chose Rocky Mountain Grey. They used neon lighting to attract people towards the bar, but stay too long and it could start to annoy you!

So if the longer nights and shorter days are starting to fill you with ‘dread’ consider introducing yellow into your home and stay cheery all year round!

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