Commercial interior ideas...

Commercial interior ideas...

Whilst this recent hot spell has given many of us Brits the chance to dine ‘al-fresco’, for the majority of the year we have to eat indoors.

Unlike our European neighbours, it is simply not common place for us to be able to sit outside a restaurant or cafe, enjoy the surroundings and ‘people watch’.

When we are choosing a bar or bistro to visit, along with the location and menu, a key factor in us choosing a venue is the actual interior space.

And in a competitive market, getting the interior right can be the difference of being a successful business or one that doesn’t thrive.

A great starting point for interior ideas for any establishments serving food and drinks is Pinterest.

Once the overall layout has been planned and a budget set, Pinterest can provide an overwhelming source of inspiration. 

Often it’s best to start with a focal point or accent colour and this can be introduced in a number of ways…


Seating is a fundamental requirement. Whether you opt for colourful bistro chairs, plush tub chairs or booth style seating, the seating offered needs to be both comfortable and suitable for a commercial installation.


A gallery of identical mirrors, above the seating areas can add both interest and create the illusion that a room is much larger than it first appears.

Plus, it can be a memorable talking point for customers and act as a reminder for them to remember you by. 


Lighting plays a key role too. It goes without saying that it must be fit for purpose, but too much general lighting can be overkill.

Clever and carefully planned lighting, such as under countertop strip lights will add to the overall ambiance. Equally, feature neon lighting can look very trendy indeed!

Bar area

Ultimately it’s how the bar area is dressed that will make the difference. Whether you opt to use tiles to clad the bar or wood panelling, be sure to make the bar a focal point.

That’s the beauty of PLAANK. Not only is it suitable for any commercial application but it looks great too. Remember, a bar area is going to receive plenty of knocks from shoes and boots.

Whilst tiles might look pretty in the short term, once crazed and cracked, your establishment will look in need of some attention. In comparison, wooden wall panelling really stands the test of time. In fact, dints and dents can add to its charm, especially our Reclaimed range.

So if you’re considering opening a new bar or restaurant or renovating an established business, look no further than PLAANK to add character to your restaurant interior.

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