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Compliment or complement?

Compliment or complement?

Why not brighten someone’s day today by paying them a compliment… Be it a random stranger or indeed someone you know well, make someone feel good on National Compliment Day!

But did you also know that the word ‘compliment’ is all too often used in the wrong context? In fact, words such as ‘compliment’ are know as homophones -words that sound alike but have different meanings and in some instances can be spelt differently too!

The word ‘complement’ means things that go well together, things that enhance each other…

A good example of the correct usage of the word ‘complement’ would be the current trend in interiors for a combination of yellow and grey.

This colour combination, which migrated from fashion into interiors, gives many of us the chance to play it safe with a monochromatic colour palette, but at the same time jazz it up with vibrant yellow accessories, or even a painted feature wall?

Textures also complement each other…

Pinterest is full of ideas... Plush mustard velvet looks sumptuous set against a feature wall with wood paneling. Light and airy, Culebra Peak White panelling from PLAANK’s stunning Reclaimed range would look exquisite teamed with yellow accents.

Equally, Rocky Mountain Grey, with its stunning mix of weathered greys and almost silvery accents has hints of ochre type tones.

This would definitely complement any interior scheme where the chosen accent colour was to be of a yellowy tone!

And Monte Viso Grey would be the perfect choice of wood wall panelling if you were looking for a more subdued feature wall, with a flatter tone and finish.

Monte Viso Grey planks are from our Design Series collection, and are supplied as a random mix of four varying lengths, specifically chosen to complement each other! 

Choosing the right wall panelling can take time… Did you know that PLAANK offers a sampling service so you can be sure to pick the perfect wood finish for your new interior!

And who knows, someone might even pay you a compliment and say how nice your new room looks!

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