Create a fabulous feature wall in your home…

Create a fabulous feature wall in your home…

Have you been putting off decorating a room in your home? If so, you’re not alone…

Some people are afraid to commit because of either a bad previous DIY disaster or having spent a lot of money redecorating, the end result wasn’t what they had in mind.

Equally, many people struggle simply knowing where to start.

  • Do you choose your carpet or floor covering first?
  • Should you start by selecting a paint colour?
  • You’ve fallen in love with a curtain fabric but you’re other half isn’t convinced?
  • You’ve tried wallpapering and ended up with more paste on the floor than the walls.

If you’re bored of four magnolia walls and want to make a statement, rather than being overwhelmed with the whole re-decorating process, why not create a fabulous feature wall with wooden wall panelling.

Start by choosing which wall will become your feature wall. This wall is generally the first thing you see when you walk into the room. It may be simply the first wall facing you, it could be a wall that already has distinctive features such as a fireplace or an architectural nook, or it could be the anchor wall behind the bed in a bedroom. 

Once the focal wall is decided, leave a sample of the intended panelling nearby. PLAANK offers a sampling service so that you can ensure that you are totally happy with the finish before committing to the whole purchase.

Rotate the panel from time to time – the beauty of wooden wall panelling is that you can choose whether to fix the planks vertically or horizontally. Vertical panels will make the rooms appear taller and horizontal planks will make the room feel wider and more spacious.

Once you’ve done the hard work and decided on your chosen finish, the installation is easy, even for a novice DIY-er. With only eight tools required and a step-by-step ‘how-to fit’ wood panelling video, you’re just hours away from creating that stunning feature wall.

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