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Create a feature wall with PLAANK…

Create a feature wall with PLAANK…

Whilst wooden wall panelling can be used to transform every wall and even the ceiling in a room, sometimes the most effective use of it is to only use it on a feature wall.

Which wall to pick?

Usually the most obvious choice for a feature wall is the one that is directly facing you as you enter the room. Alternatively, it’s the one that houses the most interesting architectural details such as a fireplace, or a key piece of furniture such as a bed.

By making the wallcovering on one wall different to the others will draw the eye, and it automatically becomes the feature wall, enabling you to ultimately decide which wall to fit the planks on to!

A less 'typical' feature wall?

When it comes to a recessed wall, most people look to making more of a feature of the ‘forward’ wall, leaving the other to be more simply decorated. Using wooden panelling on the back wall of an alcove can create some very visually striking effects, framing what would have ‘typically’ been the feature wall.

Ideal for zoning areas..

Wall panelling can be used to create zones or dedicated areas such as small offices spaces, or act as a divide between rooms, setting a precedent for where one room stops and other starts! 

A solution for problematic walls!

If your room has a problematic wall, such as one that is prone to hairline cracks or worse still, one that needs re-plastering, as long as the wall is sound, then PLAANK wall panelling can be installed without any preparation.

This ultimately means saving you both time and money, as it is not necessary to fill or sand the wall prior to decoration!

Most of us can only dream about living in an open plan, double height room. However, oversized spaces can be tricky to decorate. All too often they can feel barren and even cold!

An alternative to wallpaper...

A patterned wallpaper may be too domineering, whilst paint can look plain and un-interesting in such a large expanse of wall. Choosing wooden panelling can soften the overall scheme, and at the same time unite it.

From super quick to apply TimberStik, offered in a subtle range of finishes plus vibrant multi-coloured Harlequin, to striking Acupanel, which not only looks fabulous but has some amazing acoustic properties too, whatever room you are looking to update next, here at PLAANK we have a solution just for you!

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