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Create harmony at home with a monochrome interior…

Create harmony at home with a monochrome interior…

Decorating in a monochromatic colour scheme isn’t just about decorating in black and white, an all too often misconceived idea.

Put simply ‘monochrome’ means a single selection of the same colour, in different depths of saturation, plus white usually.

As the tones tend to co-ordinate so well together, this cohesive approach is a fairly sure fire way to ensure a successful interior scheme when decorating an interior. And as the overall palette works in unison, it’s the perfect platform for adding accessories in a contrasting, complementary shade.

A black and white colour scheme will certainly add drama to your interior.

Geometric patterns can look fabulous on a wall or as accessories, but it takes a certain room layout to have a dramatically tiled floor that will stand the test of time. 

Equally a matt black painted wall will show marks almost immediately, so if you are going to be bold, consider an alternative such as Black wall panelling, one of six options in the Colour range from PLAANK?

For an equally stunning monochromatic interior, but one that’s a bit softer on the eye, consider a scheme of greys?

With so many shades to choose from, including paler Dove Grey and Silver, to Concrete and Graphite, an interior decorated in grey can look truly fabulous. And as alternative to Black, we too have a stunning Grey option. This delicate finish will transform any interior, no matter what its size or shape!

If you do have a large interior, it’s important to make sure the space feels homely too. Choosing a woodgrain such as Rocky Mountain Grey will add both texture and warmth to a larger room, to ensure that the overall scheme works in conjunction with other features in the interior.

For a lighter shade still, but in the same monochromatic family consider Culebra Peak White?

This subtle finish is PLAANK’s palest option. Featuring a predominantly whitewashed background, with delicate accents of grey, this peaceful finish is the perfect choice for a bedroom.

Order your samples today and sleep easy tonight, safe in the knowledge that PLAANK products will transform your interior space…


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