Wall panelling ideas for modern and open plan spaces

Wall panelling ideas for modern and open plan spaces

Whilst modern spaces, and especially large, open plan areas may have the wow factor in terms of size, scale and appearance, often they are almost ‘too big’ and can be in danger of feeling cold and somewhat barren.

The larger the area, the more likely it is that architectural features will simply be lost in the vast space. That’s where wall panelling and especially wooden panelling comes into its own!

Soften the scheme

Choosing wall panels can undoubtedly transform any sized room, no matter how small or large. All too often an open plan, minimalist space can appear soulless, but by cladding the walls, a feature wall or indeed the ceiling, the interior can become one that is both warm and inviting.

Along with selected soft furnishings, a feature wall in a large space, fitted with PLAANK wall panelling, regardless of whether it’s a commercial or domestic interior, can be cohesively united to change the overall look and feel of the modern space.

Create different zones

Wooden wall panels are ideal to create a visual barrier between areas within the overall room.

Whether it’s to give distinction to separate areas in a kitchen, to define an eating area from the main cooking zone, or to continue an overall colour scheme from one room to the next, wall panelling can do just that. And with so many PLAANK ranges to choose from, it’s deciding on a finish that’s the hard part!

From dramatic dark panels such as Breithorn Burnt to firm favourites like Rocky Mountain Grey and Culebra Peak White, matching to a current colour scheme is easy with PLAANK.

Consider cladding the ceiling?

Often overlooked, the ceiling is the ‘fifth’ wall in any room and frequently just painted, when in fact it’s a great canvas to enhance the overall décor.

Especially ideal for commercial applications such as bars, not only does it look fabulous, but its insulating properties can significantly tame noise pollution from room to room, or floor to floor.

So, if you’re looking to transform a room, no matter how large or small, why not consider PLAANK wall panelling?

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