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Decorating with dark walls…

Decorating with dark walls…

Most people assume that when it comes to decorating an interior, it’s best to choose something light, to keep the space feeling airy and spacious.

Key to using a richly intense colour on a wall is the quantity used.

In a larger than average room, the choice of interior scheme is pretty much carte blanche as the space will take virtually any colour palette, whereas in a compact space, an interior will certainly benefit from a colour scheme that’s got a certain amount of white or neutral space.

That said, a considered amount of a really dark shade in the most compact of rooms can achieve stunning results and shouldn’t be overlooked as an option.

At PLAANK our diverse selection of wooden wall panelling ranges include Acupanel, TimberStik and the Design series, all of which offer a dark brown or deep grey woodgrain, perfect for making a statement in any sized room. 

One of our very latest finishes is ‘Smoked Oak’ from the Acupanel range. It’s a really deep shade of brown, with underlying warm accent tones of mid oak.

Equally as stunning is ‘Rustic Grey Oak’ which offers a more minimal backdrop, with its almost monochromatic colourway.

Fabulous as a feature wall, these distinctive finishes are sure to add visual interest to any wall, and with their acoustic properties, both in terms of heat and sound, they are the perfect wallcovering choice for any stylish interior requiring insulation.

If it’s a softer grey shade that you’re after, consider ‘Monte Viso Grey’? This mid tone grey is subtler in appearance, ideal for a feature wall in a really compact space that simply can’t take a dominant colour.

The darkest woodgrain in our entire portfolio, and also from our ‘Design’ series is ‘Breithorn Burnt’. It’s a smoked woodgrain, which is sure to create a rustic and inviting feature wall!

Chestnut Brown’ is one of three intense finishes from our TimberStik collection. It’s a shade full of character, providing a colourway that oozes warmth.

Like Acupanel, we also offer TimberStik in ‘Graphite Grey’, which is somewhat colder in appearance, but very much on-trend. It’s a colourway that looks fabulous with the ever popular combination of hot yellow and grey for a dramatic interior!

Pewter Grey’ is a ‘halfway house’ between these two finishes, offering a more smoky, warm shade of grey.

These three TimberStik finishes not only transform an interior, but come with the added benefit of being supplied with ‘super strong’ adhesive strips, cutting down the application time immensely to simply being a case of ‘peel and stick’ to the wall!

All these finishes, and indeed our entire range are available as samples, ensuring that before you commit to a purchase, you can be sure that the finish is right for your interior space.

Discover your ideal wallcovering with PLAANK today!
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