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Decorating with orange accents

Decorating with orange accents

The colour orange is available in a myriad of tones, from the more yellowy tones of Apricot and Amber to the redder tones of Pumpkin, Papaya, and Pomegranate.

Whilst this contemporary colour can be fun, getting it right can be difficult. Working on the approach ‘less is more’ will definitely work better in any interior space, by adding a zingy burst of colour to liven up your room.

Pinterest can offer some great examples of where orange has been successfully used as the key accent colour. Whichever tone of orange you choose, be sure to complement it with a contrasting colour, enabling the bursts of orange to really pop out! 

Consider orange accents with earthy tones such as beiges for a softer feel – it’s a combination that’s guaranteed to work and make a ‘run of the mill’ taupe interior come to life.

By simply accessorizing with a few key items such as cushions, throws or table lamps, if you get bored or decide orange isn’t for you, it won’t be too costly to update and change.

Orange with grey and white can look very smart indeed.

A charcoal or dark grey interior may appear a bit dull, but adding a feature chair or statement piece of wall art will bring both life and warmth back into the interior space.

A slightly less conventional choice might be to mix orange with an almost green grey. This colour combination is perfect for both period properties and contemporary homes alike.

Alternatively, if the look that you are after is more industrial, then consider feature lighting, offset by textural wood paneling on the ceiling.

Finishes such as Culebra Peak White will give you real depth of grain, whilst Grey from the Colour range offers a flatter, more understated option.

Of course, you may decided to go for it, be brave, stick to your convictions and have a larger focal point in orange.

This bathroom would be very unassuming if is wasn’t for the stunning feature orange tiled wall.

Likewise, visitors won’t forget the dramatic stairways carpet in this period hallway!

Our Tyron wall panels have been cleverly created to allow you to customize to reflect your chosen accent colour.

With feature ‘gaps’, strategeically left to expose the wall behind, you choose whether to paint in a more subdued colour or be bold.

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