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DIY - relaxing or agitating?

DIY - relaxing or agitating?

Have you noticed that there are so many national and international days of observance now? From the sublime and funny, to the ‘relatively normal’ and even ridiculous, long gone are the days when we simply celebrated Christmas, Easter and a few in-between!

Every 15th August sees Relaxation Day… Today is supposed to be about winding down and taking it easy, which isn’t something we would suggest you entertain if you are at work! But, even if you have got to go into work today, perhaps you can take some time out when you get home, just for you to do whatever you want?

Often how we choose to relax tends to relate to a hobby or interest that we have. Whether we chose to watch a movie on the sofa, take a long bath, get digging in the garden or take time out to meet up with friends, having quality time is really important.

It may come as a shock to those who can’t abide DIY, but some people choose to undertake DIY home improvements as their way of unwinding! It must be said that some DIY jobs can become frustrating, largely due to the time it takes to complete them. What started as a simple weekend task manifests into a much greater DIY job and suddenly doesn’t seem so relaxing!

Imagine stripping a wall in preparation for it being wallpapered… suddenly a hairline crack becomes a missing chunk of plaster and no amount of filler is going to remedy it. That feature wallpapered wall just got a much bigger task, with more expense and a delay in being able to start papering.

That’s the beauty of PLAANK…

As long as the wall is relatively sound, our wall panelling will disguise a multitude of cracks. We would still recommend you to skim over large cracks with a suitable filler, but achieving that freshly plastered, smooth finish simply isn’t necessary.

Our step-by-step video reinforces just how simple it is to fit PLAANK wall panelling, so that you can transform a room in a matter of days.

A feature wall can be finished over a weekend, so a competent DIYer can be proud of their new installation, and more than likely still have time to sit in front of the TV and watch their favourite Sunday teatime telly or browse their tablet!

Better still, if you have a camera or your phone handy, why not capture the finished result? We love to see your installations and recently received these images of a wall in an open plan kitchen diner.

We think that the Piz Bernina Pine panelling is a perfect complement to the worktops and off white kitchen units. A real mixture of styles, the reclaimed wall panelling adds character to the room, where country cottage meets contemporary chic.

Send us your photos and who knows, next time it might be your pictures that appear on our blog!

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