Does this cold blast inspire you to decorate with white?

Does this cold blast inspire you to decorate with white?

White is by far the most universally chosen colour when decorating… whether it’s on the ceiling or on the walls, or both, most rooms will have been painted with a white emulsion at some point in their decorating history.

It’s clean backdrop provides the perfect platform for any colour to accessorize with, whether it be a single statement colour or a collective palette of bold colours.

Equally, if your desired interior scheme is one of neutrals, rather than decorating your walls with stark white, choose a tinted white for a more cohesive effect.

Opting for a totally ‘white-on-white’ scheme has become the choice of the brave! This somewhat clinical look might be desired by the masses, but in reality the upkeep of keeping a room looking like a pristine showhome is simply unachievable. 

A white kitchen, no matter how well cleaned will suffer at some point from the effects of cooking in it.

An all white living room or lounge will look sensational for the first few but is definitely not an ideal choice for the homeowner with children or pets!

And for the majority of us, there is nothing nicer than crisp, white bedlinen. But equally, the bedroom is a place to relax, unwind and ultimately sleep. A bedroom that feels cold will not induce sleep and could indeed do the exact opposite!

Pinterest is brimming with ideas for every white interior. In fact, at PLAANK we have our own ‘White Interiors’ inspired board featuring a multitude of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and indeed living spaces, all decorated with white!

So if a ‘whiter than white’ interior is the look that you’re after how can you effectively achieve it?

Sixty percent of your room is comprises the surface areas – the walls, the floor and the ceiling. The furniture and soft furnishings generally take around 30% of the total space, leaving the last 10% to be your accent colour or focal point.

Choosing a product that offers a textural element is a way to soften the starkness of a white-on-white room. That softness could be introduced by way of a rug with a deep pile, a plush velvet sofa or a sumptuous throw… or maybe you’ll choose a piece of artwork or a sculpture to break up the sterility?

Cladding your walls or ceiling with wood panelling is sure to soften the room. The beautiful wood grain of Culebra Peak White, with its soft, almost silvery highlights combine with natural wood tones to offer depth of colour to any white-on-white room. This spectrum of subtle accent colours is the perfect complement to every stark white interior and will enrich your room.

Seeing is believing, so if you’d prefer to have a physical sample of Culebra Peak White, or indeed any one of the stunning PLAANK finishes, please get in contact.


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