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Five simple steps to achieving a stunning wood panelled wall…

Five simple steps to achieving a stunning wood panelled wall…

Whilst the majority of us will have painted a room in our homes and possibly even experienced wallpapering, most of us have never tried fitting wooden wall panelling.

It’s human nature that often prevents us from doing something out of our comfort zone. The unknown can scare us, so rather then trying something new, we tend to stick with what we already know!

It might not be the fitting of the panels that’s the stumbling block… It could simply be not knowing which finish to choose, or how to measure the quantity required.

Choose your finish

From palest Culebra Peak White to rich Breithorn Burnt, not forgetting our Colour range, deciding on a finish is not always easy.

Whether your room is dark, being north facing or a south facing light and airy space, we have an option to suit. Plus, our sampling service will allow you to see how the panelling looks in the room, before you commit to a purchase.

Decide on the height

Whilst most people tend to choose to clad an entire wall or ceiling with wooden panels, this isn’t always the case.

Panelling to a half height ‘dado’ may suit your room style better, fitting a linear horizontal panel at the desired height, then fixing the rest vertically around the lower half of the room?

Measure the walls

Once you know the space that you intend to clad, you will need to work out the area. This task is simply a case of measuring the height and width of the wall to be covered and multiplying the two dimensions together. If a wall measured 3.5m and its overall height was 2.4m, the overall area is 8.4m2. Always allow an additional 10% for cuts, so you would need to order 9.24m2.

Calculating the box quantity

Apart from our 3D range, which is supplied in 1m2 boxes, all PLAANK products are supplied in boxes of 1.86m2. Once you know the total amount you need to order, not forgetting the extra 10%, calculating the box quantity is easy. Simply divide the box m2 into the total area. If you require an overall quantity of 9.24m2 and you’ve chosen a finish such as Ortler Oak from our Design series, you will need 4.97 boxes, so need to order 5 boxes in total.

Preparing the walls

Wall cladding will disguise even the most uneven surfaces. Remove any loose plaster, then fill any obvious cracks and holes with a suitable filler. Once dry, as long as the surface is fairly uniform, there’s no need to sand it back to a plaster smooth finish!


By following these five steps, you’re ready to fit your PLAANK wall panelling.


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