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For all our friends across the ‘pond’…

For all our friends across the ‘pond’…

Today our American friends and customers will be celebrating Independence Day, often referred to as ‘The Fourth of July’.

Back in the 18th century, the states that make up the United States were actually called colonies. Many English families had sailed the Atlantic to settle in the ‘new world’ and at this time, America was actually an extension of Great Britain.

Whilst the colonies were pretty much allowed to develop freely, in 1775 people in New England decided that they wanted to be independent of the UK. War was declared, a war we all know as the American Revolution. Finally on 2 July 1776, the 13 colonies of America declared themselves states and no longer part of the British Empire, but it wasn’t until two days later that a statement was issued, signed by 56 representatives from each of the colonies…

The first Independence Day was celebrated 242 years ago and since 1938 it has become a paid holiday across the USA.

As well as celebrating with fireworks, parades and family reunions, traditionally, a gun ‘salute’ is fired by the military at noon in every state.

We source our ranges from across the globe, and in fact, our Reclaimed range is from parts of North America. The dramatic extremes in the temperature in these regions create the unique appearance of the six finishes offered in our Reclaimed range. 

Two of our latest finishes – Red Rock Grey and Bijou Creek Blue are proving extremely popular, but Rocky Mountain Grey is still a firm favourite.

Like all options in our Reclaimed range, Rocky Mountain Grey panels are supplied in four varying lengths of 1220mm, 915mm, 610mm and 305mm to add more interest to any feature wall.

Debra Geller, an interior designer based in America has recently used Rocky Mountain Grey in a truly fabulous setting.

With such a large expanse to work with, including a double height wall, Debra chose to clad one main wall.

This light and airy space could have taken any of PLAANK’s products, but with its stunning mixture of neutrals and greys, Rocky Mountain Grey will look as stunning in years to come as it does today.

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