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Get creative with PLAANK…

Get creative with PLAANK…

It’s true, wooden wall panelling can transform a room with spectacular results.

Whilst most people will choose to install wall panels in a more conventional horizontal pattern, one of the many benefits of wooden wall panelling is the flexibility to decide whether to fit it vertically, on a diagonal, or any which way you choose!

Consider an external corner?

Whilst most homes only have rooms that have internal corners, PLAANK panels can be used on external corners.

Because each individual piece is made from solid timber, it can be cut if required, then installed without any additional major finishing. Apart from briefly sanding the new cut edge, fitting the planks alternately on an external corner adds a fabulous feature detail, almost replicating a chequerboard effect.

This rule also applies to open doorways, where there is no architrave and door to shut, and also to window reveals, where there is an external corner or corners.

Install a simple panel?

It can certainly be said that the adage ‘less is more’ is often very effective. Creating a feature strip of wooden panelling not only looks very stylish, but is a relatively quick and cost-effective way to transform a room.

Vertically installing wooden panelling will naturally make the ceiling height feel taller than it actually is, and installing panels horizontally will make the room feel wider and more spacious.

In fact, in many modern homes that simply don’t have an open fire, a feature panel in place of the chimney breast will draw the eye and make it a focal point.


That said, a small feature of a section of wooden panelling adds both texture and designer looks to even the most compact of rooms, such as a bathroom or shower room.

Alternative ideas…

As well as being a perfect choice for a wall, wooden panelling can be used on ceilings too, no longer meaning that a ceiling just has to be painted with white emulsion.

And, for those who dare to be a little different, you can achieve some very chic looks by installing each panel on a 45° angle.

Discover more sophisticated ideas over on our website and start decided how you will transform your home with PLAANK wall panelling.

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