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Give your walls the wow factor…

Give your walls the wow factor…

When choosing a new wallcovering, rather than assuming the entire room needs to be given the same treatment, consider focusing on just one wall instead?

Often this will create more impact than uniformly decorating all walls alike. As well as the financial saving, there is the time saving aspect of installing the chosen product too. In fact, the hardest and most time consuming part of the process is deciding which wall is going to become your feature wall.

Take time to reflect on which wall to choose. Spending time actually in the room may help you to decide. A feature wall does not necessarily have to be the one that you spend the most time facing, although in most instances it does make sense to be.

Some people will automatically choose one of the longer walls in the room, whilst others will migrate towards a wall that already has a feature element to it.

The owners in this home chose to do just that.

The fire is given real impact in this open plan living dining room. Rather than create a boxed effect ‘chimney stack’ and intrude on floor space, the owners cleverly decided to apply the Rocky Mountain Grey directly to the wall in a set width. This simple treatment not only guides the eye towards the focal wall, but it gives a ‘purpose’ for the television above and creates the illusion that the room is taller than it actually is.

In contrast, the owner of this barbers, based in Beaconsfield transformed their salon with a full length wall in Rocky Mountain Grey.

It was the perfect finish to complement their current fixtures and fittings, with its utilitarian and stylish looks.

And with so many different textures, colours and interest, it certainly beats their clients staring at a plain painted wall!

We love to see how PLAANK products have been used, and who knows, perhaps next time you’ll be featured on our blog?


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