Happy customers…

Happy customers…

At PLAANK we love nothing better than happy customers and especially those happy customers who send in images of their new room featuring PLAANK products.

Culebra Peak White is one of our most popular finishes, and was used recently to transform a double height, open plan living room over in America.

The owner of this house had a truly fabulous home to begin with, especially with its double height windows and walls, keeping it really light and airy. With a pale grey floor, almost all of PLAANK’s ranges would have looked fantastic in this space, but maintaining the light and spacious feel was paramount to the homeowners’ requirements.

At the same time, the owners wanted to ‘loose’ the clinical feel that they had with their vast expanse of painted walls. When looking for a possible wallcovering, the homeowners were intending to purchase a decorative wallpaper, but were worried about it fading in patches with so much natural light.

It was then that they discovered wooden wall panelling and PLAANK. Because of the rustic properties and natural ageing process of real timber panelling, any fading will only add to the overall charm of the wall.

Using PLAANK’s sampling service ensured that they were able to see how the wooden panels would look next to the tiled floor downstairs and equally how it would work with the rich wooden floors on the upstairs landing area. Culebra Peak White is primarily a neutral finish, but also features silvery greys and even hints of much deeper tones, so it was a perfect choice to complement the current flooring upstairs and down and equally worked really well with the living room furniture.

Because each and every panel from PLAANK is unique and designed to be installed randomly, there was no pattern matching required unlike wallpaper. And because PLAANK products are designed to be easily installed, the short height wall face, underneath the minstrels gallery landing area could be finished in wooden wall panelling too.

Whether you’re looking to use wood panelling on a ceiling, double height wall or a more conventional standard height wall, the possibilities of PLAANK wall panelling are limitless.

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