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Need Help? Call 01525 218900
Have something you really want for Christmas with PLAANK

Have something you really want for Christmas with PLAANK

Christmas is all about spending time with friends and family, the giving of presents and having fun.

As a rule, most of us are somewhat humble, so it’s no surprise when the old adage of ‘what would you like for Christmas?’ is asked of us that we are often stumped! It’s not that most of us don’t have a list, but that the items on it tend to be of a higher value! We’ve usually bought or undertaken most, if not all of the smaller items across the year, hoping for an extra week off work or a lottery win, to enable us to purchase those expensive items or take the time to complete the bigger jobs on our wish list.

That’s the beauty of PLAANK!

No only is it a great way to transform the looks of an interior living space, it’s a relatively inexpensive, and quick way to do it too!

Choice is everything with PLAANK!

With five distinct and very different ranges, our portfolio of products includes ‘Reclaimed & Weathered’, ‘Design’, ‘TimberStik’, ‘3D’ and ‘Acoustic’. Each offers differing qualities, both in terms of visual appeal and product properties.

Reclaimed & Weathered

Offered in a choice of seven finishes, our ‘Reclaimed’ range of naturally weathered wood, accentuated by the aging process, adds a rustic charm to any wall.

Choose from ‘Culebra Peak White’, perfect for a Scandi inspired interior, or ‘Golzentipp Grey’ for a retro, urban feel.

Alternatively, add warmth and charisma with ‘Red Rock Grey’, which features an eclectic mix of browns and caramel shades, with just a hint or red.


With five finishes to choose from, our ‘Design’ series offers an understated wall panelling solution.

An intensely rich shade, ‘Breithorn Burnt’ is almost decadent in appearance, whilst ‘Monte Viso Grey’ offers sophisticated looks in a mid grey shade.

Alternatively, our three mid oak toned finishes will create an inviting backdrop to any interior.


From subtle options including ‘White Washed’ and ‘Dove Grey’ to ‘Pewter Grey’, which features a combination of mauve, tan and even ochre undertones, our ‘TimberStik’ range is designed for ease of fitting.

Supplied with pre-applied adhesive strips, you simply ‘peel and stick’ to the desired surface!


Beautiful in appearance, our 3D range is sure to turn heads!

The six designs all incorporate a multi-faceted surface, made up of a series of individual blocks, each juxtaposed to the next in either a regular or random pattern.


Visually very striking, our ‘Acoustic’ panelling features a series of thin lamella strips, each of which is mounted onto a felt like backing.

And it’s this backing, which is made from recycled plastic bottles, that has the acoustic properties, reducing sound levels from room to room or between floors.

All PLAANK products are suitable for both commercial and domestic applications, and with a comprehensive sampling service, you can see the products before you buy!

Ask Santa for something you really want this Christmas and transform your home in 2020!
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