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Have you discovered Pinterest yet?

Have you discovered Pinterest yet?

Do you use the internet to research? Are you looking for ideas and inspiration for your home? Have you recently started a hobby and are looking to learn more about it?

If you haven’t already found Pinterest, it is an amazing online site that allows you to save imagery that inspires you to a collective place. It allows you to collate and share images through social networking. Once a user has set up their own Pinterest account they then save images as and when they choose to their account, but rather than simply save them, the user creates separate boards for different topics.

Pinterest used to be very much a site for interior design but it has organically grown to become a source for so very much more than simply room ideas!

Like all social media sites, Pinterest watches what interests and inspires you. It uses algorithms to ‘force’ suggested imagery through your feed. If you had searched for accent walls, PLAANK has many pins offering inspiration for you to create a feature wood wall panel in your home.

Alternatively you may decide to search for ideas such as ‘retro style’, ‘monochrome’ or ‘bedrooms’ rather than being as specific as to search solely for wall paneling.

Narrowing down your search terms will give you more specific imagery and searching for ‘bedrooms’ will show you a diverse amount of images including those featuring bed linen to anecdotes for getting a good nights sleep!

Either way, once you’ve discovered Pinterest you’ll struggle not to limit your browsing time! All too easily you will find that time has elapsed very quickly…

So, if you’re yet to discover Pinterest, why not take some time out for yourself this festive season and set up your own Pinterest account.

And if you’re looking to update a room in your home, why not follow PLAANK’s Pinterest account for inspiring and exciting ideas on how to update your home?

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