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Have you discovered Pinterest yet?

Have you discovered Pinterest yet?

Pinterest, if you haven’t yet discovered it, is a means bookmarking online imagery.

With over 250 million monthly users, and a whopping 175 billion pins, it’s a huge resource for inspirational imagery.

There’s nothing more infuriating that finding an image that inspires you on-line, only to forget where you found it. Pinterest allows you to keep these images collectively together in ‘files’ for ease of finding at a later date.

Users can search for almost anything.

If you’re after a new look for your bedroom, recipes, inspiration for a craft or hobby that you’ve taken up, ideas for a new haircut or wooden wall panelling, Pinterest will furnish you with a multitude of ideas.

Every time an image is uploaded to Pinterest it’s referred to as a pin.

These pins can then be re-saved by other Pinterest users for their own reference. When this happens the pin is referred to as being ‘re-pinned’. The pins get saved to boards and there are approximately three billion of them currently! It’s these boards that get categorized, which then enable you to find the pins that you were looking for…

At PLAANK, Pinterest has become an invaluable resource for inspiration. Whether we are looking for future colour trends, ideas for a forthcoming photo shoot, tessellation patterns or simply to draw on inspiring imagery, Pinterest has it all.

Once Pinterest sees you’ve been searching for something, it then shows you suggested relevant pins of a similar topic through your feed. So if you search for 'wooden wall panelling' the chance are PLAANK pins will appear through your feed.

Another great feature of Pinterest is that you can search by an image, to see similar inspirational imagery. You can then decide whether you want to save these pins to the same board, or indeed create a new board for another project.

Quite often, you’ll happen upon a pin about a subject or idea that you weren’t even considering.

So whether you’re looking for ideas to decorate with orange accents or want inspiration for making a feature wall in your kitchen, check out the latest PLAANK Pinterest boards and get pinning today!

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