Have you got a quiet corner?

Have you got a quiet corner?

We all seem to lead such busy lifestyles that it’s almost becoming a cliché.

Whether it’s the demands on your time of younger children, getting the work / life balance right or feeling that there isn’t enough hours in the day, there seems to be one common factor that we all tend to neglect… and that’s ourselves!

Having quality ‘time out’ is so important for both mental and physical wellbeing. A few minutes read with a good book or magazine, listening to a favourite piece of music or simply having five minutes downtime may make all the difference to your day and indeed your mindset.

Coupled with many children being on half term this week, and with the six week Summer holiday only a matter of weeks away having a dedicated ‘quiet space’ might be just the solution?

Don’t be put off into thinking you haven’t got time to create that ‘area’, as it needn’t be too time consuming.

How do you intend to use the space?

If you are using it solely as a ‘time out’ area, there is no need to consider the available lighting and limited natural light might be preferential. If it is to become a tranquil space for reading, then an area with a good source of natural lighting might be better.

Consider the seating…

There is nothing more relaxing than sitting in a comfy armchair, an ideal solution if the area is solely to unwind. However if you are planning to read in the armchair, a more upright, supportive chair might suit your requirements better.

Decoration for the walls

A heavily patterned wallpaper may offer the wow factor but might have the effect of sending your mind racing rather than creating calm. Equally painting the walls doesn’t really define the area as the ‘quiet area’. If you love to be surrounded by elements from outside, there can be no better choice than real timber wall panelling.

Imagine sitting back in your tranquil space and inhaling the beautiful smell of real wood – nothing beats it! That earthy, woody aroma is sure to assist you in relaxing. Better still, a feature wall decorated in real timber wall panels not only looks sensational but is quick and easy to install. And, with so many finishes to choose from, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste at PLAANK.

So whether you prefer dark and moody, the reclaimed look or more light and airy, PLAANK has it all!

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