Have you thought about resolutions for the New Year?

Have you thought about resolutions for the New Year?

With less than three weeks until 2019, have you given any thought as to what your New Year Resolutions might be?

It’s something that many of us habitually do, but the majority of our resolutions fall by the wayside quite quickly. Whether you’ve got good intentions to drink less, loose weight, give up smoking or generally get in better shape, all too quickly temptation gets in the way. Once we’ve gone astray, many of us have the mindset that we might as well give up - but this needn’t be the case.

In fact, a New Year resolution is a bit like home décor… When we move into a new house, we tend to set about updating each and every room.

Rocky Mountain Grey, the perfect choice for visual contrast in any bathroom or ensuite.


With countless enthusiasm, there simply isn’t enough hours in the day to accomplish all the DIY we set out to do! And if the decorating is being done in conjunction with a job, it only takes a tiring day to zap the home decorating energy. After the initial eagerness wanes, and perhaps the budget is ‘drying up’, the whole idea of decorating becomes a chore that we put off time and time again!

That’s the beauty of PLAANK wall panelling.

Subtle, yet very distinctive 'Culebra Peak White' will provide a fabulous backdrop in a dining room.


With very little preparation required before installation, PLAANK wall panelling is the ideal choice to transform any room, especially if the time that you have available to decorate is somewhat limited.

Retro, traditional, classic, contemporary or anything in-between, whatever your style, PLAANK wall panelling will transform your room.


As long as the wall is relatively sound, it can be totally clad in PLAANK wall panelling over one or two days.

PLAANK wall panels will create an impressive entrance in your home.


Obviously the time it will take to fit the panels is largely based around the size of the job and the skill of the installer, and obviously a novice is likely to take longer. Our installation video will re-iterate the ease of fitting PLAANK panelling and illustrate the little time it will take you to totally transform your room.

A feature wall doesn't have to be large to add style to your room.


So, if you were considering updating a room or even your entire home in 2019, but struggling with the time you’re thinking it might take to do, look no further than PLAANK wall panelling for beautiful products, at affordable prices which will totally transform any room in your home.

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