How to create a coastal look?

Whether it’s the sound of the crashing waves, the smell of the salty sea air or simply the tranquility of gazing out as far as the eye can see, having a view of a coastline is the epitome of many.

For many of us, living by the sea or even having a sea view is something we can only dream of. The only way many will achieve this desire is to bring the seaside into their home.

The key features to achieving a coastal look are primarily inspired by the colours that we immediately think of when imagining the sea, namely aqua, blue, neutrals – both dark and light, and white.

Introducing textures is important. A window treatment made with fabrics such as hessians or more lightweight fabrics such as voiles would suit the overall scheme.

Striped ticking or even fabric printed with nautical icons or sea creatures would definitely add to the coastal look, but over time may become a bit cliché.

Often a choice for a window treatment where there is lots of direct sunlight, blinds or wooden shutters would work well.

Woods such as driftwood or rattan are ideal. The way in which wood becomes distressed over many years of weathering is perfect for adding to the seaside look. Opt for whitewashed, limed or distressed finishes to create a weather-worn feel.

Choose woven items for chair seating, occasional table tops, or even a feature mirror, whose frame is made using materials such as jute or wicker.

The right flooring is of paramount importance to ensure that the overall scheme gels. For a coastal look, carpet is a no! Sanded or painted wooden flooring will look crisp. Tiling your floor will certainly look the part, but will feel cold underfoot. Natural coverings such as seagrass, sisal and coir will be a warmer choice than tiling and will provide the perfect backdrop to complement a wooden paneled feature wall.

A coastal look would be the perfect choice for a bedroom to evoke a calming and tranquil resting space.

Consider a feature headboard using real timber panelling or even reclaimed oars!

However if you’re not enthralled with the idea of old wood behind your head while you sleep, reclaimed PLAANK wood paneling might be the ideal solution. Its manufacturing process ensures it is both hygienic and clean, and being reclaimed, you can sleep easy knowing that you have done your bit to help the environment.

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