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Industrial looks, the stylish way…

Industrial looks, the stylish way…

Warehouse style, or industrial chic if you prefer, is a fabulous contemporary look.

It's all about utilitarian materials and pared back style, so you can take those principles and apply them to your own space.

And whilst a larger space really does set the scene, the good news is you don't need a massive loft space to achieve it!

Ultimately it’s all about the combination of materials that you juxtapose with each other and the quantities of each that you use.

Exposed brickwork looks fantastic, but it sadly also presents some disadvantages. Primarily it attracts both dust and cobwebs, but also its rough surface may cause injuries to the skin if accidentally brushed against.

Tiles, and in particular brick effect tiles really do add an element of industrial style, especially if a contrasting feature grout is used.

They’re an ideal choice in a bathroom, styled for warehouse looks, but not ideal over a large expanse. As well as the time factor of installing a large quantity of tiles, they are likely to make the room feel cold and echoey.

Concrete is another popular material for that edgy, urban feel. However, much like exposed brickwork, concrete has the same rough surface, and even if you opt for a polished finish, it’s an expensive material that has to be applied by a professional.

There are of course tiles and solid surface materials that you can substitute for concrete, which do look similar, but these also come with disadvantages.

Wooden wall panelling, such as PLAANK, is a striking way to add both texture and interest, especially in an expansive room.

Not only is it a relatively quick wall covering to apply, but its insulating properties are of benefit, especially in a large space. It will help to keep the room warm in cooler months and repel the heat in hotter temperatures. Plus, it acts as a sound barrier, insulating noise levels, ideal in an open plan home.

With so many products to choose from, including our industrial inspired surfaces in our new Timberstik range, you’re sure to find a finish that will meet with your overall industrial scheme.

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