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Need Help? Call 01525 218900
Inspired by Picasso?

Inspired by Picasso?

Whilst the majority of wall panels from PLAANK are two dimensional, our 3D collection features six ranges, five of which could be arguably inspired by an art movement of the early 21st century, namely Cubism.

Pablo Picasso, born on this day in history in 1881, was the said founder of Cubism, revolutionary for its time. During his lifetime he created more than 20,000 works of art, including drawings, paintings, ceramics, mosaics and sculpture.

Cubism, described as an abstract movement in art, is where forms are simplified, then re-assembled into an abstract form to emphasize their geometric shapes. This was the first time collage became of historical importance in modern art.

Grohe, Relero, Stader and Tyron wall panels all feature a juxtaposition of multi-layered wood panels in different thickness and lengths, to create the most beautiful of apperances. This structure is seemingly impossible not to investigate and will delight the eye on any feature wall!

Daim wall panelling, like Grohe, Relero, Stader and Tyron also features a multi-faceted surface, but unlike the others, its soft convex curves are sure to entice people to touch!


PLAANK not only follows the latest trends to offer stylish wood paneling solutions for every interior space, but also strives to source only the most ecologically clean and environmentally friendly wood.


That is why here at PLAANK, we can justifiably be proud to state that all products in our stunning 3D collection are FSC® Certified.

And like Picasso’s work, much of which is on display at the MoMA gallery in New York, seeing is to believe.

If you would like to view any of our products in a larger expanse, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01525 218900 and we will endeavor to let you know where there is an installation close to you.

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