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Interior ideas for your living room with PLAANK

Interior ideas for your living room with PLAANK

When choosing an interior colour scheme for a living room or lounge, most people opt to decorate the walls using either paint or wallpaper.

Paint is certainly a quick way to update a room, and for those skilled decorators, wallpapering a room also comes naturally.

However, with an abundance of interior inspiration available both in magazines and online, our decorating choices are much greater. In the past, anyone looking to decorate a room in their home would simply assume that their choices were limited to paint or paper. They can now turn to the likes of Pinterest and see what's trending!

Now, companies such as PLAANK, who supply wooden wall panelling have opened up a whole new world of inspirational wallcoverings to the interiors industry.

Not only are wooden wall panels easy to apply, they will disguise uneven wall surfaces including cracks and dents. With very little preparation required, the wooden panels are supplied finished in boxes, ready to fix to directly to the wall. A room can be transformed in a matter of days and a feature wall in as little as single day!

PLAANK currently has four ranges, each diverse in terms of colour and surface finish. But, their versatility extends way past just their finishes!

The planks themselves can be fitted horizontally, vertically, or even a combination of both. This allows for true customization each and every time a PLAANK product is used.

Much like how vertical stripes on an item of clothing will give the illusion that the person wearing them is taller than they actually are, the same applies in interiors. Apply wall panelling vertically, and your room will appear higher. Likewise, opt to install your wall panelling horizontally and the room generally feel more spacious.

It’s a great tip to remember, especially in the lounge or living room. This room is often used by visitors, is one of the most used rooms in our houses, and therefore most of us aspire to making it one of the nicest rooms in our homes.

Remember to consider which way your room faces.

If the room is light and airy, don’t be afraid to choose a darker finish such as Monte Viso Grey or even Breithorn Burnt.

However, if the room doesn’t get much natural daylight, opt for a warmer finish, such as Ortler Oak or Bregenz Bronze, or choose a whitewashed effect such as a Culebra Peak White.

In fact, another reason to choose PLAANK products is our sampling service. Simply order a selection of single panels and view them from the comfort of your home before you commit to a purchase.

Order your samples today, and start planning how your new lounge or living room will look!


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