Is Blue for you?

Is Blue for you?

As a primary colour, Blue is fundamental in creating a whole spectrum of colours, including purples, violets and greens.

It symbolizes trust, wisdom, confidence, faith and even heaven.

The word ‘blue’ has appeared in many song titles including True Blue by Madonna and Mr Blue Sky by ELO. In the same way, it does have a negative connotation of being associated with sadness, probably where the title ‘Singing the blues’ came from. It even has a music genre named after it! Characterized by its lyrics, bass lines and instruments, ‘The Blues’ originated from America at the end of the 19th century.

As a colour, blue has long been used in interior design. The most popular colours used to decorate with are the warmer blues including cobalt blue, sky blue and sapphire through to the likes of aquamarine and teal blue shades, which remind us of tranquil places such as the sea or clear skies.

Pick the right blue and you will not only have a stunning interior, but a calm and relaxing one too!

At PLAANK we have two ranges specifically dedicated to blue…

Our Colour range features six finishes including Blue. With soft hints of almost jewel like tones, this finish is far from feeling cold. All planks from our Colour range are supplied as a random mix of lengths. Each wood panel is 127mm wide and the overall lengths vary from 305mm to 1220mm fro both ease of installation and to add dimension to the overall effect.

Like our Colour range, Bijou Creek Blue from our Reclaimed range is supplied in four varying lengths of 1220mm, 915mm, 610mm and 305mm.

This new finish for PLAANK was developed to evoke a fresh seaside feel, combining the watery tones of blue and aqua. The distressed finish adds to its overall charm, so very reminiscent of beach huts by the sea.

So if it’s a blue feature wall or interior you’re after, look no further than PLAANK and bring the allure of outside into your home.

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