Is Retro your style?

Is Retro your style?

The term Retro has become a commonly used word to describe someone’s clothing tastes or indeed their design preference in interior style. 

Whereas in the past, the term Retro would tend to relate to a particular garment, such as a pair of flared jeans or trousers, a type of sofa or armchair or a surface pattern print, now it could simply be a reference to the lighting used, such as a filament bulb or stylised shade.

It is now more accepted that to be classed as being Retro can simply be a mix of styles, with perhaps a single item or accessory being from a previous era.

Ceiling fans were the must have thing in the ‘80’s and have recently seen a revival… And whilst Anglepoise reproduction lamps can now be bought from the likes of IKEA, the original was designed as far back as the 1930’s!

Sometimes the key item may not be an original, and more often than not it isn’t. Today, tastes vary, styles are diverse and being different is classed as cool. Rather than have a whole new wardrobe each season or changing everything when re-decorating, we tend to purchase items to suit our current tastes.

This way of thinking is partly so that we can update our wardrobe or room quickly and more cost effectively.

Retro style is easy to achieve with PLAANK wall panelling.

Whether you choose to panel a single wall, the entire room or even the ceiling, wall panelling is having a revival.

With so many finishes to choose from, there’s bound to be an option to complement your current furniture. Plus, because PLAANK wall panelling is easy to install, if you’re looking to update a room in your home, creating a feature wall using wood panels is likely to take a competent DIYer a weekend to complete.

Imagine that! This time next week you could be transforming that neglected room into a stylish living space.

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