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Is your style ‘retro’?

Is your style ‘retro’?

According to the Urban Dictionary, the definition of the word ‘Retro’ is “an adjective describing something from the past, usually anywhere from the 20’s to the 80’s!”

Here at PLAANK we love retro... And why wouldn't we?

Wooden wall panelling, so often associated with the ‘60’s, could most definitely be described as retro! This once popular ‘60’s choice for interior walls sadly lost its popularity along with avocado bathrooms, kitsch wallpaper and shag pile carpet.

And like so many revived items from the past, wood panelling is back and is better than ever! Wood panelling has been reinvented as a ‘must have’ in so many interiors!

Whilst retaining its rustic charm, it has come back greener and so much more stylish than its distant relative, where the fashion was to fit each plank vertically! Sometimes used as a means of hiding poorly finished walls, 60’s wall paneling simply lost its appeal as more and more families chose to have it.

And like so many products, once something becomes readily available, trends move on.

Today, you are much more likely to see wall panelling being fitted horizontally, a look echoed in many interior designs. And you don't have to stop at fitting it horizontally... It can look equally a good fitted on a 45 degree angle...

In fact, the popularity of wooden wall panelling has taken over other more conventional wall finishes such as wallpapering and even painting! Often cheaper than wallpaper, wooden wall panels are extremely durable, more hygienic and so easy to install. Plus, they can conceal any flaws in the wall!

And if that isn’t reason enough to consider wooden panelling, reclaimed wall panelling from PLAANK not only looks sensational, but has the added benefit of offering both thermal and acoustic insulation!

Better still, PLAANK offers a sampling service, so you can see for yourself the true quality of all PLAANK products!

Will you be joining the 60’s revival of wooden wall panelling and join the ever popular retro style?

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