It’s all in the name…

It’s all in the name…

You wouldn’t have to be a genius to work out that our company name PLAANK is a play on the word ‘plank’, a wooden panel or panelling.

However, the origins of the names for our ranges within our collections run much deeper. When choosing range names for our 3D collection, we wanted names that had connotations with dimension and illusion, especially as some of the products such as Wenner and Relero in our 3D range have a flatter surface, in comparison to the likes of Daim with its soft semi-circular curves.

It was by pure chance that we happened upon a street artist who was drawing on the pavement. He was drawing on a flat surface and yet the image that everyone was seeing appeared to be 3D.

  • Wenner wood panelling

Wenner is named after Kurt Wenner, who is considered to be one of the top 10 street artists in the world. Kurt was a former NASA illustrator, who turned to creating street art inspired by the classical Renaissance movement. His work has been featured on television in both documentaries and for advertising purposes.

  • Stader wood panelling

Stader is named after Manfred Stader who creates street art with a fellow artist named Edgar Muller. Originally from Germany, the pair have won many street painting competitions and have even taught the subject at universities.

  • Relero wood panelling

Working primarily in Spain, Eduardo Relero is the artist behind our Relero panelling. He style is illustrative and loosely based on pages from a storybook.

  • Tryon wood panelling

Rod Tryon is the face behind our Tryon range. His chalk drawings have adorned many pavements over the past 20 years. Much like the satisfaction we get from receiving lovely comments from happy customers, Rod cites his ‘joy and entertainment from watching the crowds react to his artwork’ as his reason for continuing to create street art.

  • Grohe wood panelling

  • Daim wood panelling

Grohe and Daim are both named after artists who use blank walls as their canvases, rather than pavements.

Eric Grohe is famed for his trompe l’oeil murals, which always have a patriotic all-American theme to them, even those not gracing wall in the United States.

Lastly is Daim, a German graffiti artist whose work is sought after all over the world. He first started spraying in 1989 and even has an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records for having created the highest graffiti!

Like all these artists’ work, you simply cannot appreciate these artworks from an image alone. Whilst most of us will never get the chance to see these pieces first hand, here at PLAANK we offer a sampling service so that you can appreciate the beauty and dimensional qualities of our products for yourself.

Simply email with details of the samples that you require and we will be in touch.

As they say, seeing is to believe….

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