Looking ahead to 2019…

Looking ahead to 2019…

It’s hard to believe but it’s already Boxing Day. Christmas Day 2018 has been and gone in a flash!

After overindulging yesterday, the chances are many of us are waking up this morning with a bad head or bloated stomach, but with some fabulous memories of spending quality time with loved ones during the festive period.

Whilst some of us will choose to blow away the cobwebs this Boxing Day morning by going for a brisk walk, others will want to remain at home, catching up on some Christmas movies or browsing the internet.

It’s hard to believe that as well as being one of the busiest days for shopping, with so many of us hitting the Boxing Day sales, today is considered to be one of the busiest days for browsing the internet. And it’s not just bargains in the sale that we are looking for…

Apparently, today is the day that many of us decide to move house in 2019 or consider updating at least one room in our home.

Getting your home ready for putting it on the market can seem like a chore, especially if there is that one room you’ve been neglecting. It might only need a coat of paint to freshen it up, unless of course that room needs a little more attention?

That’s where PLAANK wall panelling is the perfect choice. Not only does it ‘hide’ hairline cracks or even surfaces on your walls, but it’s so quick and easy to install, that you’ll be ready to make some estate agent calls quicker than you ever thought possible.

In fact, PLAANK wall panelling transforms a room so beautifully that you may just decide to change your mind and not move after all!

Whatever your decorating or moving plans for 2019, look no further than PLAANK.


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