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Measuring up for PLAANK in seven easy steps…

Measuring up for PLAANK in seven easy steps…

Decorating or re-decorating with paint a room is a relatively straight-forward task for anyone with a steady hand… The hardest part is usually the cutting in at the skirting and where the ceiling meets the walls.

And whilst many of us would not contemplate hanging wallpaper or fitting wall panelling in a room, in reality installing wooden panelling in a room is a relatively easy task for a competent DIY-er. Unlike hanging wallpaper, which may require pattern matching, wooden panelling from companies such as PLAANK does not!

That said, even a competent DIY-er may have the skills to install the product but struggle with the calculations regarding the required quantity.

By following these simple steps you will be able to gage the boxed quantity of panelling that you require. After all, there is nothing worse than starting a DIY job and being short of the product just before you finish the job!

  • Step 1.

Decide which wall or walls it is that you want to clad. (PLAANK wall panelling is suitable for use on a ceiling too, but this is a trickier installation and probably better left to a fitter).

  • Step 2.

Measure the overall height of the room from floor to ceiling. It’s best to take a few measurements as even in a new build, the chances are the room will have slight variations in its overall height.

  • Step 3.

Measure the overall width of each wall, again taking a few measurements. We would suggest measuring at floor level, ceiling level and roughly half way between the two.

  • Step 4.

Calculate the linear meterage of the walls by adding together the longest lengths of each wall in ‘step 3’.

  • Step 5.

Multiply the overall linear wall meterage by the greatest overall height measurement that you have to give you the surface area that you are intending to clad.

For example, if the tallest point in your room is 2350mm, or 2.35m and the total length of the two walls that you are cladding in PLAANK products measures 6500mm, or 6.5m, the area is calculated by multiplying 2.35m x 6.5m. This gives you an overall area of 15.275m2.

If there are windows or doorways on these walls, measure their total area and deduct this from the overall wall area.

  • Step 6.

Decide on your chosen finish. If unsure, why not use our sampling service to see the finishes that you like the look of before you commit to a purchase?

  • Step 7.

Apart from our 3D product range, which is boxed in 1m2, all other products come in a boxed meterage of 1.86m2. Simply divide the overall wall area by the boxed quantity and round up to the nearest full box, as we only dispatch complete boxes.

Based on the example in ‘step 5’, if you were to choose our new Golzentipp Grey, which is from the Reclaimed series, you would need to order 8 boxes.

Obviously we are always on hand to answer any queries, and equally love to see our PLAANK products in your home, so please do send us in your photos….

You never know you could get a mention on our social media channels or even this blog!

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