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Moments in time…

Moments in time…

Why is it that our memory tends to recall monumental dates of sad events, such as the passing of a famous person or a tragedy? They say that everyone can recall where they were, when they heard the news that Elvis had died?

One such tragedy that changed the world of aviation was the crash of Concorde. It may come as shock but it is 18 years ago today, Air France flight 4590 took off from Charles de Gaulle airport heading towards New York. Moments after take-off, this iconic plane burst into flames. All 109 passengers and crew aboard the flight perished, along with four on the ground.

Travelling at Mach 2 (more than twice the speed of sound), Concorde was retired from service on 10 April 2003. The fastest time it took Concorde to fly between London and New York was two hours, 52 minutes and 59 seconds, recorded on 7 February 1996.

It is human nature that we want to better the services or products we offer, yet to this day, there has never been another commercial plane like Concorde.

Here at PLAANK we are about to record our own moment in time.

Our achievement will not make it into the history books, but it is an achievement that we are all extremely proud of and it will certainly make it into the PLAANK history books!

Given the success PLAANK has seen over the last couple of years in terms of sales growth, popularity and portfolio offering, we are in the process of moving into a new warehouse, purposely designed to suit our needs.

This new premises will give us much more space. In turn, we will have even more stock than we currently do, and at the same time the extra capacity means that we can bring new product ranges to market, some of which are due to hit our shelves in the next coming months.

Watch this space to find out the names of our new product ranges, joining the likes of Red Rock Grey real soon...

It goes without saying that we would like to thank our loyal customer base. Without you, none of this would be possible and we hope that you continue to support us on the next part of our exciting journey.

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