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Neutral and grey – a perfect combination…

Neutral and grey – a perfect combination…

A firm favourite in many homes, neutral is a tried and tested colour palette for so many of us.

Equally the grey spectrum, and especially the soft greys with their muted tones is the colour we choose when decorating an interior space. But pick a cold grey and the overall scheme will feel the same – chilly and somewhat uninviting, which is made worse in a north facing room.

When decorating with grey, it is far better to choose a warmer grey, such as one that has tones of beige or taupe.

Better still, complement your chosen grey tones with colours from the neutrals or beiges.

This will lift the entire scheme, certainly make it feel less cold and actually add to the smart and classy interior scheme.

One of our latest panels ‘Red Rock Grey’ blends the characteristic tones of reclaimed Grey with neutrals and even accents of pale reddish to offer a perfect combination of colours, ideal for any interior space. Created by the effects of the extreme climate in which the wood grows, this beautiful, naturally aged panelling is sourced from the mountainous regions of North America.

Our ever popular ‘Rocky Mountain Grey’ is the preferred choice of home owners and architects alike. Whether it’s because the wood panels are 100% naturally coloured by the elements and do not go through any further manufacturing or dying process to achieve their vintage looks, or simply because it creates a fabulous feature wall, ‘Rocky Mountain Grey’ continues to be one of our top selling products.

Like ‘Rocky Mountain Grey’, ‘Culebra Peak White’ is another customer favourite. The whitewashed finish adds a crisp, fresh look to any wall or ceiling, yet with the authenticity of a vintage feel.

This key characteristic charm is evident throughout the entire Reclaimed range, with each of these three finishes combining different intensities of neutral and grey colours. So, if you’re after creating a feature in your home and especially one with a vintage feel, look no further than ‘Red Rock Grey’, ‘Rocky Mountain Grey’ or ‘Culebra Peak White’ and bring the outdoors in!

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