New Year, new beginnings, new bedroom?

New Year, new beginnings, new bedroom?

The start of a new year is a time when many of consider what our goals and aims are for the forthcoming year…

Whether it’s a major achievement like moving home, changing career, getting married or starting a family or simply getting fit, loosing weight or trying to improve your eating or sleeping habits, setting these goals at the beginning of a new year seems to be the focus of many!

Sadly, it’s thought that by the second Friday in January, most people will have fallen by the wayside and given up on their new years resolutions.

Seemingly, setting your goal is the easy bit, it’s maintaining or achieving them that’s the hard part!

Getting a good nights’ sleep is often overlooked, especially as so many us of work long hours, but quality sleep is paramount in maintaining a healthy body and mind.

Having a nice and orderly bedroom, with plenty of storage for clothes is something that many of us desire. In reality, decorating your bedroom is often last on the list of home renovations, especially if your house needs lots of DIY.

That't the beauty of PLAANK wall panelling. It's really easy to install and will totally transform any room in your home.

With its insulating properties, it’s the ideal choice in a bedroom, especially if any walls are partition ones. So whether you’re a snorer and keep half the household awake, or if your room gets cold, especially in the winter months, PLAANK wall panelling could be the solution you’ve been looking for!

Red Rock Grey was used to great effect in this bedroom, picking out the dark grey in the ensuite furniture and bed, and the neutral shade in the carpet, to create an overall cohesion to the colour scheme.

The homeowner was clearly happy with her finished bedroom “I’m so pleased with the end result, it’s so warm and relaxing.” She added “It’s always a talking point.” and we can totally see why.

Order your Red Rock Grey sample, or indeed any PLAANK sample finish and start planning your new bedroom today.

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