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Need Help? Call 01525 218900
Open for business and delivered to your door!

Open for business and delivered to your door!

It’s fair to say that these last few weeks have certainly been ‘different’…

Everyone has had to adapt to a very different way of life. From home schooling and working from home if possible, to self isolating and simply staying in, we’ve all had to make some serious changes to our daily lives.

Sadly for some, and particularly those who live on their own, having to stay in has had a negative effect, especially on their mental health, whilst others are seeing this as a time to undertake a new hobby, have a good sort out, tidy the garden, or start the re-decoration of a room in their home that they’ve been putting off undertaking!

In fact, it appears that many of us have chosen to opt for re-decorating, judging by the length of time that well known DIY stores are taking to deliver paint or wallpaper.

These delays are obviously understandable, but we’ve all so easily come to expect next day deliveries as the norm! If you’ve got the impetus to start a new project, it can be frustrating to find that the materials you need are delayed.

When re-decorating, most of us wouldn’t think past using paint, considering it the only easy wallcovering solution, as wallpapering is definitely a skilled job, that even a competent DIYer might find tricky.

However, one option that you may not have considered is wooden wall panelling.

Relatively easier to install and certainly more forgiving than wallpaper, wooden wall panelling is having a huge resurgence in popularity, being heavily influenced by its 70’s predecessor.

Along with a fabulous choice of finishes, such as the colourful array of options in Kaleidscope from our Reclaimed range and super easy to install TimberStik, that is supplied complete with adhesive strips for ease of application, to Acupanel, which is not only iconic in terms of its looks but has the added benefit of offering superior sound absorption, there is a finish for everyone!

Better still, currently both PLAANK and our sister company The Wood Veneer Hub are open for business. Adhering to the strict government guidelines, we are currently able to dispatch our fabulous wall panelling products, frequently within 24 hours.

So, if you’re thinking of undertaking some DIY whilst in lockdown, but don’t want to wait for paint or wallpaper to arrive, consider wooden wall panelling and you could be fitting it as early as this weekend!
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