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Perfect wall panelling with #PLAANK

Perfect wall panelling with #PLAANK

At PLAANK we know that wooden wall panelling is a fabulous wallcovering solution for any wall, although arguably you might consider us biased!

We know it’s a great way to introduce texture onto a walls’ surface, especially with collections such as our Reclaimed range!

Offered in a range of seven distinct colourways, along with recently launched Kaleidscope, if you’re after a wall with tactile appeal, then wooden panelling could be just what you’ve been looking for!

It’s also an alternative to paint or wallpaper, adding colour to the wall. Long gone are the days when wall panelling was only available in wooden tones. Unbelievably in fact, Kaleidscope has nearly 30 different colourways so you’re truly spoilt for choice!

Of course, like all our ranges, there is a selection of wood finishes such as Chateau Beige, Café Au Lait and Burntwood Brown, in contrast to the alluring, jewel like colourways of Garnet and Emerald.

It’s a ‘forgiving’ wallcovering solution too, as frequently there is no need to pre the wall prior to installation! Unlike wallpapering that may require cross lining the walls, or prior to painting, each hairline crack needs to be meticulously filled, wooden wall panelling requires virtually no preparation.

Plus, as your planks are all pre-cut to specific widths and lengths, there really is no preparatory work required, leaving you to admire the finished results much sooner than you may have anticipated!

And, if time is of the essence, then our easy to apply TimberStik range will transform a wall in a matter of hours.

Thanks to its pre-applied adhesive strip, simply removing the backing paper to fix it to the wall… It really is that easy!

Equally, if noise pollution is an issue, then our amazing Acupanel range of wall panelling, with the added benefit of acoustic properties is sure to tick all the boxes!

But don’t just take our word for how wonderful wooden wall panelling is…

Only yesterday, there was a feature on creating the wow factor with wall panelling, written by Lara Sargent for the Metro newspaper.

Lara is an independent leading writer, specializing in the interiors sector, so we were thrilled to discover we had been mentioned in the article along with the lead in image!

So you see, it isn’t just us that is biased about how fabulous wooden wall panelling really is!

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