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PLAANK’s to suit all styles…

PLAANK’s to suit all styles…

Just as everyone’s tastes are different, so are everyone’s styles!

We live in a world where there is so much diversity. From fashion and interiors to facebook and Instagram, we are spoilt for choice and have become accustomed to there being so much to choose from!

Tastes don’t change much - you may now love olives, yet as a child saw them as a peculiar green, foul tasting object! Equally how many adults are all too aware of a food they loved as a child and simply cannot abide now?

Styles, much like tastes, change and evolve. Whereas over the past decades there have been distinctive, but limited styles, this trend started to change in the 80’s. The music scene was diverse, as were the hairstyles and shoulder pads were the must have accessory for many women!

By the millennium, there were so many trends around it was hard to keep abreast of them. Choice was key and choice was king!

Here at PLAANK we take great pride in offering such as diverse product range of wall panelling.

Our portfolio spans four distinctive collections:

These four collections each have an unrivalled range of finishes and colours, with wooden wall panelling solutions for every interior style!

Our Reclaimed range offers a choice of four finishes – Rocky Mountain Grey, Yellowstone Scorched, Culebra Peak White and Piz Bernina Pine. Characterized by their weathered wood finish, choose wall panelling from our Reclaimed range and bring the essence of vintage appeal into your room.

For a more modern twist to an all too often product perceived as rustic, opt for our Design Series. Manufactured using the latest trends in sustainable wood, our Design Series offers stunning, environmentally friendly wood panels in a choice of three finishes – Breithorn Burnt, Monte Viso Grey and Säntis Split.

For a feature wall with the wow factor, choose from one of the six options in our 3D collection! Hand crafted from reclaimed wood, each plank features a highly decorative pattern, which tessellates to give maximum visual appeal. Grohe, Daim, Relero, Stader, Tyron and Wenner all feature multi-faceted finishes, to make heads turn in envy!

Colour, as the name suggests is a collection of six striking finishes! Produced using wood fibres and organically dyed, then chemically bonded to ensure a smooth surface, the Colour range of wood wall panels will delight the eye! Blue, Black and Grey, Orange, Purple and Red – you really are spoilt for choice!

And if that isn’t enough to convince you, check out our Pinterest boards to discover a vast array of PLAANK installations, guaranteed to whet your appetite!

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