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Need Help? Call 01525 218900
PLAANK – suitable for both domestic and commercial interiors alike!

PLAANK – suitable for both domestic and commercial interiors alike!

Unlike so many other companies whose products are geared up to either domestic or commercial applications, PLAANK products are suitable for both.

Not only does each product comply with all necessary regulations associated with commercial installations, but each wooden wall panel is of a fixed width size, which when installed looks equally at home in a large scale interior space or compact room.

PLAANK wall panelling has been installed in many commercial areas, and not just here in the UK.

We currently deliver around the world and as such our products have been specified in many different countries.

One of the most popular countries that we currently deliver to is America. It goes without saying that the USA loves the finishes we offer, but the properties of PLAANK products are also of notable interest to America.

Not only are our products extremely stable in terms of warpage or shrinkage, but equally, our products are especially suited for installations where there is a high flow of traffic.

Rocky Mountain Grey, from our Reclaimed range is the most universally used product. Like any of the seven finishes in the range, any knocks and scratches are disguised by the slightly rustic surface texture.

As such, our products have been specified for hotel foyers, sports bars and commercial offices, as they stand the test of time and look as good as the day they were installed, many years later.

Closer to home, our collections have been used to add interest to the walls of catering establishments, including high end and fast-food restaurants, to bars and cafés.

They have even donned the walls of a barbers shop and an opticians, to add visual interest to the interior spaces of these businesses.

So whether you’re looking for an alternative to paint, to create an imposing office entrance, or for a product that will turn an understated commercial wall into a talking point, look no further than PLAANK for striking wallcovering ideas.

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