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PLANNK’s insulating properties… so much more than just wooden wall panelling!

PLANNK’s insulating properties… so much more than just wooden wall panelling!

Wall panelling is undoubtedly beautiful to look at.

It can totally transform a room, regardless of the overall dimensions of the space. Whether you simply opt to create a feature wall or decide to clad every wall in the room, the ceiling or indeed the entire room including the ceiling, wooden wall panelling is the wallcovering choice in many homes and commercial installations today, adding warmth and charm to the interior space.

So much more than great looks!

Whilst the beauty of the surface grain really does add visual impact to a room, there’s so much more that wood panelling offers than just great looks!

Cladding a wall with wood panelling adds insulating properties too.

Reduce noise pollution

The clad wall or walls can act as a barrier and reduce noise pollution between rooms, so if you’re a lover of music and like to ‘turn up the volume’ the wood will absorb some of the sound and save it travelling into an adjacent room.

It’s an ideal choice therefore in a playroom, to dampen down noise levels between rooms.

It could also be considered as a suitable wallcovering in a commercial childrens’ day nursery or school, not only reducing the sound levels between classrooms, but also as knocks, dents and scratches are easily disguised.

Perhaps you’re the owner of a bar, restaurant or café and looking to update the interior of your commercial premises?

Wooden wall panels are very forgiving...

Unlike so many other wallcovering options, wooden wall cladding is very forgiving and will stand the test of time.

Insulate an interior space

Along with sound insulating properties, wooden wall panelling is a great way of adding heat insulation to a room. The panels help to maintain an even and constant temperature within a room, so will contain warmth within an interior space.

At the same time, when the outside temperature is too hot, the insulating properties of the panels will repel the added heat to ensure a cooler environment.

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