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Sculpt your walls with PLAANK…

Sculpt your walls with PLAANK…

Sculpture, primarily associated with great artists such as Michelangelo from the Renaissance period and Henry Moore from the last century, to living artists including Damien Hirst and Antony Gormley, whose exhibition at the Royal Academy only finished yesterday, is as popular today as it’s ever been!

Whilst many of us aspire to owning an original piece of artwork for our homes or businesses, in reality that wish has to remain a dream.

Even with affordable modern art, where new and upcoming artists are exhibiting, a Giclée painting might be all our budget will stretch too! Likewise, limited edition sculptures can still be very costly due to the manufacturing processes involved in creating a three dimensional object.

An alternative way to create art for your walls is with wall panelling, and in particular our ranges that have a distinct relief to their surface.

New to our portfolio is ‘Acupanel’.

This sophisticated range of five finishes combines a distinguishing linear design of individual lamella wood strips.

Each thin panel is mounted onto a felt like backing, which has been made from recycled plastic bottles and offering highly effective, acoustic properties.

Likewise, our 3D range features a combination of six different wooden structures, juxtaposed next to each other, to create a equally modern and contemporary wall covering to rival ‘Acupanel’.

Relero’ and ‘Stader’ feature a series of different textures, which appear to cascade in a stepped pattern, whilst ‘Wenner’ and ‘Grohe’ have a more understated, multi-faceted surface structure, making it almost impossible to depict the repeat pattern.

All four options are very beautiful and are sure to never date.

Tryon’ and ‘Daim’ are the other two options from our 3D range, and are certainly iconic in terms of their design and appeal.

Tryon’ features a series of individual blocks with feature gaps, allowing you to customize your wall with a contrasting or complementary paint finish before applying the panels. Once fitted, each ‘Tryon’ plank then reveals sections of your painted wall colour, and thus creates your very own bespoke artwork.

Whilst these five wall panelling solutions focus around blocks, ‘Daim’ dares to be different with a feature conical hemisphere design. Each individual wall panelling piece is rotated, then juxtaposed next to each other, to create a stunning wallcovering which can only be referred to as wall art!

Create wall art in your home with PLAANK.

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