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Setting the scene this Halloween

Setting the scene this Halloween

Much like Christmas, decorating our homes at Halloween is becoming an annual event!

Like so many customs, the origin of dressing our homes at Halloween came from America.

But unlike America, we tend to tame down the decorations to a more subdued carved pumpkin or two!

The actual carving of faces into the pumpkin dates back to the Celts. As part of their Autumnal celebrations, the Celts carved out turnips or squash, then illuminated them, to light the way for good spirits to find their homes.

And whilst Halloween is definitely more for the children, decorating our homes with orange accessories can have a positive impact on us, especially now the clocks have gone back and we have darker evenings.

Not only is orange a bright colour, which will bring cheer into even the dullest of rooms, but it reminds us of the stunning Autumnal foliage that we are surrounded by at this time of year. In effect, accessorizing in our homes with the colours we see around us during daylight hours, can trick our brains into thinking that the days are actually a bit longer than they really are!

Adding these orange accents needn’t cost a fortune either! After Halloween, the supermarkets and shops are likely to reduce the cost of the pumpkins, so grab a bargain and use the pumpkin instead of a vase. Alternatively, fill a vase with small pumpkins or gourds for instant orange impact!

Consider investing in a couple of new scatter cushions, or a single table lamp with a feature orange shade?


Why not invest in a tin of paint and try your hand at upcycling? Once you’ve decided on the item, choose a compatible paint depending on whether it’s glass, ceramic or metal. If you don’t like the new colour, simply re-paint it until you do!

Dipping in and trying a vibrant accent colour is a great way to see if you would like it as a more long-term fixture.

At PLAANK, we know that an orange feature wall will certainly create a statement in your home, but it isn’t for everyone. That’s why we offer so many wood finishes as well as our Colour range.

So whether you’re going to be really bold and clad an entire wall in panels from our Colour range, choose a wood finish and simply accessorize with a vase of flowers, or paint the wall in a vibrant colour before installing a product like Tryon, decorating with orange at this time of year is sure to brighten your day!

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